Electric ATV for Ages 6+

Off-roading adventures await!


Parental Speed Control

Equipped with a Speed Control Key, parents can control speeds between 15 MPH or 10 MPH.


Dual Suspension

Enjoy a smooth ride with Front and Rear Suspensions that easily handles rough terrains.


Full Throttle Control

Move freely with a forward/reverse switch, dual hand brakes, and an emergency kill switch.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Thomas S
Love the power

For a mini quad, this thing is fast! My kids absolutely love it. Also smart to include a speed control, so we can change the speed according to the kids comfortability.

Proud Dad
Fury is super fun

this is a super fun ride , it feels exactly like the grown up ATVs, but for little kids.
Speed, Torque, and suspension are awesome, this is a great adventure for kids.

Harold Bechthold
Missing parts

Sent text indicating what parts were missing. Was required to send warranty before parts could be sent. As you stated 14 days still no parts soooo my rating is not good. 4 parts with a total value of less than ONE DOOLAR, troubles is they aren’t available on the open market. However, they must be installed before your Fury can be ridden.

Dena J.
Endless excitment!

My kids love this thing! We bought one to try it out but it quickly became obvious we're going to have to get a second one because they fight over who gets to ride it. This is going to keep the kids busy all spring and summer!

Katrina Z.
Fun for girls too!

My 6 year old daughter wants to be like her big brother. He rides ATV's and we knew that Droyd had a history of including safety features on their other models, so we felt comfortable choosing this option for her. We wish there was pink available, so that's why we gave 4 instead of 5 stars but she loves it so far!