Safety & Performance

At Droyd, we create exhilarating electric bicycles that are safe and fun. Our eBikes are made from the highest-quality components and durable materials. We're BIG on safety and all about the ride, and ask that our riders always wear a helmet and protective gear. Let's ride!


"Amazing electric bike for my 6 yr old! My son learned to ride a bike fairly quickly and has been really wanting an electric bike. Decided to pick this one out for him. One of the best features of the bike is the ability to set the low and high speed. Wanted him to ease into it but he quickly got used to it and we just have the bike on the higher speed all the time now. He absolutely loves it and wants to ride it all the time now."

Torrey P

"My son loves to ride this bike! This is a fun little bike for my son who is 6. He is a little bean sprout at 3’6”. It was an easy assembly and came with the tools to put it together. I like that it has a fast mode and a slower mode. It would be nice to have a peddle alternative in case the battery dies."


"Fun Ride! My kid absolutely loves this bike! We got him this for his birthday as he's become quite good with his balance bike, so transitioning onto this bike was easy for him. I really like how I can set the speed limit just so I can be sure he's not going too fast. It's definitely sturdy and it looks great. The headlight is also a nice touch.One thing to note is that it comes mostly assembled. I had to install the handlebar, but that didn't take more than 15 minutes after I figured it out. Overall, my kid loves it, and so I'd recommend it."